Development of Idea


The photograph above is the background on my webpage. The original picture from google is identical to the left side of the bird/flag, however, in order for my background to fit in with theme of race in america, i decided to use Photoshop to try to describe the contrast between the 2 opinions.

Firstly, I used the pen tool to cut around the right side of the birds face. After i used the Hue & saturation function to decrease the light levels and make it from white to grey. I duplicated the original yellow eye of the bird to make remain that colour. Using the same process i Did the same with the right side of the american flag.

With the help of html templates, I filled in 3 elements that needed to be in my website; the background, #whitelivesmatter and #blacklivesmatter. Twitter has a function where you can chose to embed the activity of someones profile or a hash tag. I then used sublime text to create a html and ccs to satisfy the needs of my website

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 14.23.58


Design Development 2



In this design development sketch, I attempted to replicate a few elements taken from the XBOX 360 Video game called Call Of Duty. I focused mainly on the elements of the weapon selecting interface. The layout and theme of this interface uses a thin futuristic font. The interface also has glowing animations, a tab slide on the top and panels organised neatly all over.

In my design sketch I attempted to apply the above elements to suit my chipping device idea. The brain diagram in the middle is to represent the users neuro activity activity and the surrounding elements are for data analytical purposes.