Development of Idea


The photograph above is the background on my webpage. The original picture from google is identical to the left side of the bird/flag, however, in order for my background to fit in with theme of race in america, i decided to use Photoshop to try to describe the contrast between the 2 opinions.

Firstly, I used the pen tool to cut around the right side of the birds face. After i used the Hue & saturation function to decrease the light levels and make it from white to grey. I duplicated the original yellow eye of the bird to make remain that colour. Using the same process i Did the same with the right side of the american flag.

With the help of html templates, I filled in 3 elements that needed to be in my website; the background, #whitelivesmatter and #blacklivesmatter. Twitter has a function where you can chose to embed the activity of someones profile or a hash tag. I then used sublime text to create a html and ccs to satisfy the needs of my website

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 14.23.58

My Idea/Research

For this project I aim to create a twitter feed which shows great contrast. Because of the rise in police brutality in America, I thought it was fitting to base my idea on the issue of race because I feel that its an issue that needs to be addressed however, its a topic that makes people feel uncomfortable.

Recently, in protest of this huge race issue in America, a hash tag on twitter was create, called #blacklivesmatter.

This hashtag has proven to be controversial because it causes conflict between the idea of one colour mattering.

The main purpose that this hashtag was created was to make awareness of how black people are treated as 2nd class citizens in america, due to systemic racism that is implemented.

The beauty of systemic racism is that it can go unnoticed in the public eye because it doesn’t directly effect the rest of the population’s lives, so there is no reason for them to be concerned by it. Another reason systemic racism works effectively on the black population is because ‘the best way to trap someone i to make them feel free’ this means that, on first impression, when we take a glance at the horrific reality of gang culture, its very easy to say “these people have had equal opportunities. why haven’t they got their lives together yet?”, when in fact, there is a system built around this sector of people, stopping them to progress as a community. A small example of this is : The drug sentence for selling cocaine (used by wealthier people) is far less worse than the penalty for selling crack cocaine (used by poor people). This gives another disadvantage to the poorer communities because the children grow up without father figures and because of this it creates a cycle of young men throwing away the future of their next generations. please see the link below for more information.

In my opinion, if black people want to raise awareness of the issue, they have to communicate their message in an understandable format, HOWEVER, because of the misunderstanding between the genuine meaning of this hashtag #blacklivesmatter, the message will not be received well by the population,, which then stems more misunderstanding, with the likes of the #whitelivesmatter hashtag.

My Typographic remix aims to unravel the opinions of both parties and to paint a vivid picture of how America, as a powerful country, can’t deal with this issue.

Im going to do this by using sublime text 3 to make a single webpage, with a background in relation to the topic of race in america and show both  hashtags on the twitter feeds contrasting each other , on either side of the webpage. blavklives


Create a web page or several web pages that imaginatively utilise, present and repurpose remixed, embedded media and text feeds: Eg An RSS reader, tweets, facebook feed. Explore ways that the embedded media can be used unexpectedly and imaginatively, so that its juxtaposed content creates contrasts and surprises. Build your project with whatever tools are most appropriate (wordpress / weebly / twitter bootstrap, dreamweaver) BUT carefully style and format all the embedded feeds using CSS so that their typographic and graphic style contributes to and substantially forms the graphic identity of the project. Include design sketches, design notes and typography experiments in your workbook blog