Idea development

Below are different idea directions I could potentially use for this project

1st Idea: Contact lense projectors

This the idea of an interface which is used in collaboration with advanced contact lenses in order to complete a functioning projector system which runs a virtual computer/phone in the subjects eye sight. The contact lenses would require no battery supply because there is nowhere for them to be stored. This idea would utilise the technology of sourcing the whole frequency range on the spectrum ad using it to power the contact contactlenses.




2nd Idea: Wallet-sized Time Machine

The wallet-sized Time Machine would require a license in order to get permission to travel to certain places in time. The object itself needs to be plugged into a computer to be charged via usb, therefore the interface for this idea would be catering to the users time travelling profile/ their journeys through time and allows them to make payments for the subscription for the use of service.


3rd Idea: Chipping device to acquire ‘knowledge documents’

This idea entails the idea of being able to import and export data from in and out of the human brain using a chipping device that send this information through the nervous system into the human. This for of data transfer would be intended to be more of an open source platform form which would be regulated by the satff of the company making it. This idea would also incorporate the use of building a user profile, detailing and keeping a record of recent activities whilst using the program.




Research 2 (Real-Life)

The video above is an example of how the idea of chipping devices in the brain is already being implemented in various work place to perform small tasks such as having access to door without having a card. Therefore, the technology in this video is the closest link between my Impossible interface and real-life practicality.