Interface Devlopment



Firstly, I got a photograph of a brain and a galaxy background them uploaded them into photoshop. I used the colour select tool to remove the white background from the brain layer.


I then got a photograph of a person from a vertical point of view. Using the pen tool, I cut a hoe through the persons head and made the brain at an angle so it appears that the person is revealing is brain.




Ethical Issues





Because my impossible interface is based on the idea of having a chipping device inserting data into the human brain, there are some ethical issues to consider. In this rapidly changing world we live in today, the possibility of this technology being successful in the further future, is plausible to a degree. In my opinion, within technology today, there is a certain extent to which it the actual human form is tampered with (e.g. for medical application). The chipping device idea would breech a moral barrier by allowing access to the brain and quantifying the information. I personally don’t think corporations will be able to gain the trust of the population because I believe the human nature within people will stop them doing something so immoral, although, a large number of people would be on board.

In addition, giving humans the ability to download practically any information into their brain raises concerns about knowledge falling into the wrong hands. It would be difficult to determine whether the users will use the interface for good or bad.

Design development 3


This quick draft sketch I made, is a representation of the kinds of elements which you may expect in a sci-fi interface. The main feature of this design is the circular orientation of data (menu and data). In the middle of the design is a diagram illustrating the dynamics of brain activity, therefore the user can see data in relation to patterns. On the right of the theme a zoomed-in analysis of the user’s DNA, enabling them to alter personal information and giving the user access to their health condition. I like this design because appears to be user friendly in terms of the organisation of the buttons. Also, I like the unorthodox use circles.

Target Market

In general, the target market for users of my interface would be consenting adults from the age of 18 onwards. However, in order to use the interface the user will have to acquire a license beforehand. This license acts as a filter for uninformed users who may abuse the Chipping device service.

Design development 1


Having chosen the Chipping devise idea for my project, this design development for my interface is based around the depiction of the human brain and how the different parts are responsible for performing particular jobs for us. Therefore, the main purpose of the actual performance of my website, would enable the downloading information into the human brain by sending signals through the nervous system.

Through this interface, the user will be able to manage their brain activity, with regard to their health.

Below is a drawn draft I’ve produced in order to give a general idea of what I want my interface to look like.

Main Features:

  • Diagram of brain- this feature further implements the theme of the project in terms of how impossible/”far fetched” the idea is. Furthermore, this diagram would be showing the user exactly what part of the brain is being downloaded into.
  • Profile – Similarly to Google, my interface will build up the user’s profile based of their entries into the search engine. This will also enable my interface to show results that are relevant, in order to improve the user experience.
  • Database- Another feature of this interface is the information database search bar. This function gives the user an opportunity to explore the different kinds of knowledge they can acquire. Within this function the user is able to see what their friend’s activity as well as the general activities around the world.
  • Brain data – surrounding the brain diagram will be segments of data in relation to the user’s health,  download progress, as well as memory/storage(GB) and wave activity. This gives the user the ability to manage/manipulate the activity in their brain, according to their preferences.
    • Menu – The menu bar serves as a basic navigational tool around the different pages on the interface , such as home page, explore, about, contact, terms and conditions. This menu would be
  • Open sourcing –




Design Development 2



In this design development sketch, I attempted to replicate a few elements taken from the XBOX 360 Video game called Call Of Duty. I focused mainly on the elements of the weapon selecting interface. The layout and theme of this interface uses a thin futuristic font. The interface also has glowing animations, a tab slide on the top and panels organised neatly all over.

In my design sketch I attempted to apply the above elements to suit my chipping device idea. The brain diagram in the middle is to represent the users neuro activity activity and the surrounding elements are for data analytical purposes.

Research 2 – Surrogates (2009)

In this movie the actor Bruce Willis plays a investigator who is responsible for policing people who abuse a futuristic service. In the movie, people are able to control an identical and robotic figure (surrogate) while they control it in the comfort of their homes, with virtually no limitations.

This movie links well with my project because there is this similar theme of futurism as well as the idea of an ‘impossible’ interface.




The image above is an example of the kind of interface that the film featured. This interface is heavily based on common science-fiction stereotypes. The blue digital graphics gives the user and viewer a sense of calmness. One element which I’ll take into consideration is the shapes of the rectangle tabs around the edges of the interface. Notably, there are corners missing around edges.

Research – Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

The storyline involves Johnny, the main character, being responsible for transporting vital data via his brain capacity. This film is relevant with my Impossible interface project because I am able to grasp an understanding of the kinds of conventions and themes which are used in order for my work to resemble the connotations of science-fiction.

Science-Fiction is a dominant element of my chipping device idea because the genre strongly implies the theme of futurism.

This film was made in 1995 and it was trying to emulate the year 2021. Because the lack of technology at the time, the directors perception of the future was limited to cliche digital aesthetics. However, for its time, the movies was likely to have been received on a positive light because in general its difficult to realistically interpret and predict what the future, no matter the technology of the time.

Interestingly enough, this film briefly uses the green coding animation which may have inspire the theme for The Matrix, which was then later released in the year 1999.

Noticeably, in this film Johnny was able to carry 80GB of data in his brain. In addition, the process of downloading information into the brain was shown to be painful because Johnny scalp required an incision at the back of his head.

Another key factor in relevance of this film to my project is the way in which a number of transitions in the film feature a sense of space/time-travelling graphics which are also common in science fiction based themes.