Virtual Reality Tech specification (Document)


PlayStation VR Specification

The display resolution of the PlayStation VR headset is in full HD 1920 x 1080. This means that the screen size is 5.7inches. This headset has a field vision of 100 degrees, together with RGB Sub pixels to make sure that the image is smoothed out. It runs on 120 Hz and it also has latency less than 18ms, meaning that there is minimal lag. The headset dimensions are 187mm x 185mm x 277mm. The headset weighs 610grams and there are 9 head tracking LEDs.

PlayStation VR Technical Capabilities

This headset is capable of producing synthetic stimuli, which are then understood and interpreted by the user almost as real-life. This is achieved through the PlayStation computer and the VR Headset. The experience in this gadget is completely immersive because it the user is wrapped in a new reality, whilst being blocked from outside stimulation. The environment is inside the virtual reality is interactive, therefore the user experiences feedback from elements that are programmed to respond.

PlayStation VR Technical Limitations

When compared to real life, virtual worlds can be seen to be unconvincing cartoons because resolution has to be more significant to match the detail. In addition, the 100degree field view is limiting because it either restricts the user to standing or sitting. In addition, virtual creatures and elements don’t behave as naturally as ones in real life therefore the software capabilities are lacking this significant part of achieving reality. Lastly, forces of gravity, momentum and friction don’t play any part in the VR experience. These forces play an essential part of reality, meaning that in order to achieve the so-called full effect, these elements must be included.


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Share your experience/worlds

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 01.13.48.pngCOD PS MENU

Above are the steps I took in achieving my share menu. The intention for this page is to give the user the chance to share their world through popular social networks. The format that the users will receive this will be as a 360 camera perspective so they can rotate and explore the world. This method of sharing aims to draw a wider crowd because people be interested in the concept of te game

Design Development 2

game of thrones PS

Whilst thinking about the potential of this game, I expanded the horizon of the application of this game because there are many concepts (movies/brands) and games that feature the use of hand tools. When I say ‘games that feature the use of hand tools’, Im referring to the way in which they feature objects where people use their hands, therefore the practicality of making a user interface that compliments the freedom of Photoshop becomes achievable. For example, we can see that in my mock up we can see the selection of weapons the user can hold.

This feature opens the door the a variety of potentially interesting game ideas that let he user experience environments they’re familiar with, but experience them in a more intimate way. Through this feature, more attention can be payed to creating the most realistic environment by utilising different atmospheric sounds and weathers to create an accurate picture that fans can identify with.

In addition, this opens the possibility for an interactive environment, where for example the dragon in my mock up is breathing fire in the direction of the user. This technique would give the experience more depth by bringing the environment 1 step closer to the user.

My mock up above attempts to replicate Game of Throne’s environment, whilst similarly incorporating photoshop like my Call of Duty Example

Design development 1

cod photoshopcodblops5

Above is a mock visualisation I made on Photoshop in order to illustrate the environment the user will be inside.

During the construction of this, I thought about what type of layout would be most applicable to represent an authentic call of duty interface.  In order to achieve this, I decided to replicate the main aspects of the original interface, which is the number of ammo left in the gun, the team the user is in/score, a 1st person view with the user holding the weapon in front of him.

As we can see above, the photoshop interface is relatively dull, therefore I only decided to only use the colour pallet element. As opposed to the 2 Dimensional canvas we see i Photoshop, to suit a 3 Dimensional world, I featured a 3D canvas that the user can either draw on, or they can draw on their environment using their weaponry. In real-life, the they will use a motion sensitive controller to control these weapons and tools around them.


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.05.30Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.05.40Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.05.59Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.06.15Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.06.34Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 00.06.50

The 5 maps above are iconic Call of Duty maps that fans will instantly recognise. These maps are the options that my users will have the option of choosing from, to host their experience.

The user will be able to set their canvas up anywhere up and around the obstacles on the map and proceed to the colour pallet with their weapon and either vandalising the place or painting a picture. The weather of the map will also have a presence on the gameplay to provide a more authentic experience all-round. In addition the user will either have an option to listen to a playlist I make or their own music from their library, rather than silence or boring atmospheric music.

Wireframe/ User experience


This diagram intends to describe the journey that my user will make through the game.

Baring in mind the format for this app is virtual reality, the entrance page will feature the title of the game and the credits of the producers whilst the menu screen loads. after the loading is completed, the menu screen will appear automatically.

On the menu page there will be a list of these options, for example: OPTIONS/SETTINGS, WEAPONS, ADD-ONS, DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE GAME and PLAY. The user will be able to click these options in the virtual world, using a motion sensitive single hand controller.

The weapons/add-on page gives the user a chance to customise the weaponry they use with in the game, as well as add on weapons they purchase. On this page you can also tweak the sensitivity settings.

The ‘Different version of the game’ page allows you to play another version of the game, e.g. Game of thrones, and have the same experience they would have had in the call of duty.

The play button will prompt the user to pick a map, after picking the map, they enter the Call of Duty world. In this world they can change colour pallet by tapping the colour chart with their weapon. They will be presented with a blank canvas and weapons to pick from. After this, they can proceed to vandalising the environment or using their tools to make a picture.

When the user is satisfied with their outcome, they then have the option to either exit the app or share the world they painted. This feature in the app allows people with the same game to visit/observe the world you made you made or it can be shared on social networking sites using 360 video so anyone can get a sense of being in the world.

Target Market/Venn diagram

Rik venn diagramBecause Im merging together the world of Photoshop and Call of Duty, there is reason to assume that my game will appeal to Photoshop fans, Call of duty fans and ands of both. Call of Duty players are usually men between the ages of 18-55. this is because 18 is the age restriction of shoot em up games and 55 year old can be seen as a margin where adults aren’t interested in video games anymore. Photoshop’s target market tends to be early teenagers/students/professionals with a set of skills that may work in the creative industry. Photoshop lies within the creative industry and call of duty lies within the gaming industry, therefore my idea aims to cater for both worlds

HOWEVER, the intention isn’t to particularly merge these two fan bases together, even though its helpful. The intention for this experience is to make the potential for marketing as broad as possible by not excluding anyone. The game is more catered around the FORM over FUNCTION. The users of this game will only require a vague understanding of PS and COD in order to play. This can also be seen as my unique selling point because its essentially a different and new way to experience Art.

The target market for my VR experience/game will be males and females aged between 14 and 55. This is because of the nature of the medium. I think at the young age of 14 users would be at an age where their exploring their individuality as a person and a creative, therefore, this experience could cause a creative spark in they to encourage the development of that skill. The game is heavily based on trying to be creative in obscure juxtapose perspective therefore youthful adults below the age of 55 can find this as a challenge to create beautiful art using the set tool of call of duty.

The game as a whole is supposed to be a tool that promotes the concept of photoshop and Call of duty simultaneously, without being too technical.

I made the Venn diagram above to illustrate my predictable market as well as potential markets.




Project Proposal

My idea is that Photoshop and Call of duty’s creative departments are collaborating on a promotional project to raise brand awareness globally in a fun and interactive way. Im basing my idea on Virtual reality and more specifically the play station Virtual Reality headset. This is because I believe Virtual reality is where the future of gaming and entertainment will be. Photoshop is a desktop photo editing application, currently available on Macs, Windows and app. Primarily, students and people in the creative industry use photoshop as tool because the complex functions that its capable of performing, makes it an amazing platform to create beautiful art. Call of Duty is the most popular shoot em up game, available on games consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, X box 360, Playstation 3 etc. The nature of call of duty is centred around the theme of war and guns, for example World War 1.

The aim of my project is to seemingly merge the concepts together in order to make a new experience altogether. To achieve this Im going to make a game where the user experiences Virtual Reality in a familiar Call of Duty environment, however the difference is that the objective of the game is to make art, similarly to they way you use Photoshop. The user will have the chance to utilise popular weapons from the game as well as traditional mark makers. The intention for this application is to bring a broader and wider audience to both companies. Art is subjective and generally, the more interpretations that can be made from a piece of art, the “better” it is, therefore i think this is a good opportunity for people to explore their creative skill, through an immersive environment