Micro-Mapping Project Proposal

This project requires that I re-interpret a map or guide for an area in Bristol, aimed at a specific group of people. We are encouraged to make the participants to connect with the stories from the area in a way which makes them view the location in a new and surprising way.

My idea is based around the idea of creating a map which shows people with substantial amounts of money, places to shop. Although this may seem surface-level to begin with, in my opinion, there would be an enormous contrast in feeling when a regular person with a regular income (or low income) go to shopping. Personally, I would imagine having a lot of money to my disposal would give me a sense of ‘Im on top of the world’. Having said this, I believe there are people out there who don’t know what to spend their money on and what this app map may do is assist them. In addition, Im strongly against when people spend their entire live acquiring Millions and Billions of pounds, only to let it sit in their accounts until they get OLD and die, in my eyes it makes the whole point of getting money pointless, therefore I’m giving their money a chance for purpose.

The app could also have a section where the user can donate to a variety of different charities, so that the whole experience isn’t ‘superficial’

ALTERNATIVELY, my app could completely contrast what i said above in order to trick wealthy people into seeing the real truth about the consumer society, for example the ethical issues surrounding production and how ‘pig parts make the world turn’