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With the help of sublime text and a template from our learning recourses, I inserted the longitude and latitude of each location and embedded each png icons

Design Development

To  begin with, I used the photo manipulating software, Photoshop to create png icons that reflect a teenage alternative theme. The photographs  below  show the  process I went through  to complete this  task. Firstly, I imported images from google then changed the opacity (transparency) of the  layer so that I am able to make a cartoon  effect on the  image. The cartoon effect  on the icons are sone so by using the  pen tool to make a path around the outline of a specific feature, then using the select tool to chose  the path you drew and filling it in with a colour. I also  used the pen  tool to form basic pin point shapes that  act as a border for the icon and enabling  it to  point  to the  location on the map.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 19.06.53

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 19.07.05

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downloadThe picture on the left  is an example of an approach I could take to make my icons. These icons are in a very basic form and they feature little illustrations of the activities related to each location








Apple’s ios features a wide range of icons which range in different colours and iillustrations. for example, the camera icon is a very recognisable shape and  straight forward  for the user to understand. This technique of simplicity speeds up the user experience



depositphotos_26292911-Map-Pins-with-icons.The map icons to the left  represent the most common  form of pin point icons used across a lot of maps



Strategy & Approach

blackbeard-to-banksy 21266181 horfield1










Therefore, I thought It was best fitting to base  my Google Icon Project on  this evident theme.

  • Vintage Clothing Store
  • Horfield Skatepark
  • Lasertag
  • Banksy Art

The 4 items above are what each I con shall be based on therefore, it is  important to collect images that  show the symbolism  of each element as clearly as possible, so that the performance of the  icons are as effective as possible. The 4 different elements come together  to compliment that teenagers in bristol would be interested in.


Icon Research 1

Is it relevant to visit the location, take photos / draw?

For this project, I didn’t  feel that it was necessary to visit the each of the locations because, the title of the  location gave me enough  information to base on the concept. Primarily, the aim of this project is  to create a theme of icons that complement each other in terms of colour scheme and relevance to the City  of Bristol.

Bristol is known to be an alternative themes city  in general, with the influence of the Graffiti artist, Banksy as well as the skateboarding and hippy lifestyle.

What keywords are relevant for your idea?

Alternative, Teenager, Bristol, Lifestyle, Freedom