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The development of my app began by looking at some examples of app layouts. I bumped into a weather forecasting app which caught my eye because of how un orthodox it was. I thought it portrayed a snappy and effective way of delivering bitesize information.

I took inspiration on the shapes used in the weather app so i decided to tweak some buttons and aesthetics to suit my app. The menu is merged on the side of each page and there is a category for each major department that can chart/track current statistics and and news surrounding Trump’s presidency. Economy, Environment, World Relations and Healthcare are the options to chose from

On each of these tabs there is the latest information regarding that category and users have the chance to link the app to their social media to share so they can share the story.

There is also an add to favourite button which lets you store any story you may want to read later.

On the bottom tab the user can click a link that will lead them to the external website with an internal browser.



This is a basic outline of how my app will work. To begin with there will be an entrance/title page where the user has to click to continue. Although on this wireframe the menu looks like a page, the appearance will look different because the menu and page layout will be merged together




An article written by the telegraph shows an example of how trump’s presidency can be quantified through data and in addition, The key categories addressed here are healthcare,immigration, employment, tax, climate change and foreign policy.

On my application, the user will be able to recieve a simplified version of this information and make their own mind up whether trump is doing a great job




This mood board i made is my attempt to illustrate the madness, controversy, sense of confusion, sense of uncertainty and widespread contrast that currently exists in america. This ranges from ethnic trump supporters, his administration, Mexican workers, Money, the trump tower and the american flag. This mood board can also be seen as a visual metaphor to depict the what results of trump’s reign could be. The money symbolises how economically inclined Trump is. therefore logic tells us that he’d generate a lot of income for the country. Whilst most can agree that money is the most important thing in today’s present, thats not to say a businessman is fit to run a country, but who knows?

Data Worlds Project Proposal

My data worlds project will be based on Donald Trump’s presidency, and more importantly, hi slogan’ Make America Great Again’. I chose to base my project around this topic because I want the app to be used as a tool for uninformed voters/public to track whether this term is being fulfilled correctly. This assessment aims to incorporate relevant statistics regarding the welfare of the citizensDonald Trump

For example, We’ll begin our journey defining what the term ‘Great’ means, so that we have a clear UNDERSTANDING of the topic we are about to explore. Tis definition will also serve as a point of reference, when the user uses their brain to configure a more educated analysis of the statistics given to them 

An example how this application would categorise or quantify this greatness could be based on Economic Figure, Death Rates, Rehabilitation rates, Learning Rates, Health patterns and Overall well-being statistics.

The basis for this project is not to defame Donald Trump, however, the intentions will be more focused on delivering statistics to people, ranging from naive to smart, in the most ‘Black and White’ way as possible. When I say ‘Black and White’ I’m referring to the way in I plan to communicate facts in the most non-biased way possible, there for the app in neutral.

Ultimately, this application should serve as a self reflection tool for its audience i.e Users, Society and OUTSIDERS. This self reflective aspect of my project aims to tap into the user’s ‘common sense’ and moral stand point, encouraging them to take a refreshing re evaluation, from a different perspective