Charlotte’s Idea

In our class we were put into groups of 3. My group includes myself, Charlotte and Tom. Between us we concluded that we’d go ahead with Charlotte’s idea based on the topic of surveillance, whilst taking some inspiration from Tom’s idea of data corruption.

Charlotte’s idea was centred around the idea of an audio visual journey where surveillance within society is represented through hacking.

This could be achieved through the application revealing(accidentally) data that it acquires from users (e.g. location, camera,contacts)

Charlotte”s idea also incorporates elements that resemble a maze. By giving the user an illusion of freedom through their quest, the application will simulate a path that we’ll create, and guide the user by implementing boundaries.




“Create a project that uses one of the set texts / lecture themes listed below as its starting point.

The project should either be a web based project or a native iOS / Android app.

 In both cases it should only be targeted at tablets and / or phones with appropriate interfaces and functionality to reflect this.

The project should be small in scope, but should be a more or less fully working draft, with a polished interface and user experience.

The themes are:

Data subjectivity, Information and control, Metrics and quantification, Persuasion communication and transmission, Privacy and data sharing”