After having a conversation with my tutor, we agreed that the media of the actual object would be better if it related to the the concept of the project therefore I bought a Genesis Vinyl from a record store near my house.  I decided to make a perspective illusion of a gallery within the the vinyl artwork in order to illustrate the transition between Vinyl records and streaming services.

I also established way of showing these forms of media in a consistent way. I decided to draw the music player for each medium, then within that picture I stuck a printed form of the artwork, for each mini picture.

In this process I used cardboard, tracing paper, Printed paper and foamboard. I used tracing paper and card board as a frame and drawing space for the mini art, I drew the media using fineline pen and lastly, I used foamboard underneath to make each mini art stick out slightly.

IMAG0126 IMAG0127

Research on Vinyl/Streaming



According to the British Phonographic industry, the consumption of physical copies of music in 2015 rose.

The Album Equivalent Sales (AES) are responsible to calculating the consumption of physical copies and digital sales. The rise of the percentage in 2014 rose by 4.4% in comparison to 2015 and this serves a significant increase because they were down by 5.8% previously.

Geoff Taylor- Chief Executive of British Phonographic Industry and Brit Awards – When Apple Music launched, he expressed how much force is driving the revolution in music consumption because of how household can experience playing any music instantaneously through any device. Geoff further expressed how it was also positive that all these users get to experience a wide variety of music such as classical music and new music. However he goes on to say that fans are beginning to rediscover the ‘the slower pleasure of collecting CDs and Vinyl’.

Streaming Figures (According to official chart data): 2014: 14.8 billion track were streamed – Almost double the level of 2013 – 1ST 6 Months of 2015 were 11.5 billion track streamed – Every week approximately 480 million streams are taking place every day – 1st Half of 2014 sales of CDs and vinyl fell by 10.4% but in the 1st half of 2015 show a declined rate of 4.4%.

Demand of vinyl has increased by 56.3% in 2015 – this makes it reach the 2million mark making it the biggest increase since the official chart show began monitoring sales in 2014.record

Design Development – Further Investigation

These images show my method of planning, in order to achieve the desired idea. As you can see, The first image shows us how I worked out the unusual 3D shape of the optical illusion. I worked out that to make this shape, I had to work around a square. From this square I figured out that if I were to make this shape I would have to start from the middle of each corner and come out at a 90 degree angle. From this 90 degree angle, I made a small margin either side of the 90 degree line because this will essentially urn the 2 dimensional drawing into a 3D net. To complete the net I added flaps so the shape can connect. The last image shows what the image would look like in real life.


IMAG0123 IMAG0122

Design Development


IMAG0121This is a diagram I drew, detailing how I want my final outcome to look. The inspiration for this path in my design is from a type of art called Super-Duper-Perspective. This form of art serves as an optical illusion towards the users because, in my example if an art gallery in perspective, the image transitions to a 3D object and it replicates lifelike dimensions.