Site visit – Glenside Museum

When we visited the Glenside Campus museum to find real facts, stories and evidence surrounding the mental home. Here we were met with some expected and unexpected information. The tour guide gave us info pertaining to how doctors practised, by the lady, stating that Doctors during this time, didn’t have nearly as advanced ways of treating mental patients as they do now. This meant that patients were subject to electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and lobotomy. This gave us an impression that, although these methods of treatment are gruesome, thats all the technology they had to worth with during the 19th and 20th. Its easy to assume that patients were mistreated before visiting and speaking to a historian. We were exposed to paraphernalia, Dennis Reed’s art, restraining garments and many more contextual items in relation to the Asylum.  The tour guide also gave us an insight on how men and women were separated people were treated rather well for the time and we could see for ourself the way it was run.

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