Site visit – Bristol Record office

I made a trip to the Bristol Record Office in order to gather any historical information I could find in relation to the Glenside Mental Asylum. Interestingly enough any media that was published 100 years ago or less are protected by the copyright law therefore I couldn”t have access to them. During my time there I purchased a photography license so that I was allowed to take photos with my phone. The achieve was organised into several categories for Glenside mental asylum and from there I chose to take out a Medical Journal, A special report book and a Casebook

To my surprise the handwriting was virtually unreadable because they wrote by hand in a fancy italic style. Also, when exploring the books i discovered that most of these documents were more administrative orientated because as opposed to documents that described health conditions/patients, these books mostly contained lists and lists of daily check-ins/check-outs and these wern’t enough to tell a story or give subjective information. However the Special case book had more in depth information regarding patients and their condition so from those documents we are able to know how some patients conducted themselves as well as what they suffered from


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