Initial designs (WE ARE NOT USING)

When confronted with the brief, I immediately started making prototype interfaces because, at first, I automatically assumed the role of being a graphic designer for the group. During this process, I used the connotations that my moodboard and wordboard  suggested. My train of thought was based around the idea of making an app that visually impacts the user to draw on their emotions. This draft was made before our visit to the site therefore I had no real contextual information to work with. I tried to make it look a professional as possible (suitable for commercial application) by using a subtle font which represents the 20th century gothic style. I also used dull colours like grey and pale green to represent rotting/deterioration.Still under the impression that mental patients were treated wrongly in the past, my design approach was a bit insensitive towards the topic and it lacked didn’t depict the human side of mental illness.


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