Virtual Reality Tech specification (Document)


PlayStation VR Specification

The display resolution of the PlayStation VR headset is in full HD 1920 x 1080. This means that the screen size is 5.7inches. This headset has a field vision of 100 degrees, together with RGB Sub pixels to make sure that the image is smoothed out. It runs on 120 Hz and it also has latency less than 18ms, meaning that there is minimal lag. The headset dimensions are 187mm x 185mm x 277mm. The headset weighs 610grams and there are 9 head tracking LEDs.

PlayStation VR Technical Capabilities

This headset is capable of producing synthetic stimuli, which are then understood and interpreted by the user almost as real-life. This is achieved through the PlayStation computer and the VR Headset. The experience in this gadget is completely immersive because it the user is wrapped in a new reality, whilst being blocked from outside stimulation. The environment is inside the virtual reality is interactive, therefore the user experiences feedback from elements that are programmed to respond.

PlayStation VR Technical Limitations

When compared to real life, virtual worlds can be seen to be unconvincing cartoons because resolution has to be more significant to match the detail. In addition, the 100degree field view is limiting because it either restricts the user to standing or sitting. In addition, virtual creatures and elements don’t behave as naturally as ones in real life therefore the software capabilities are lacking this significant part of achieving reality. Lastly, forces of gravity, momentum and friction don’t play any part in the VR experience. These forces play an essential part of reality, meaning that in order to achieve the so-called full effect, these elements must be included.


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