Design Development 2

game of thrones PS

Whilst thinking about the potential of this game, I expanded the horizon of the application of this game because there are many concepts (movies/brands) and games that feature the use of hand tools. When I say ‘games that feature the use of hand tools’, Im referring to the way in which they feature objects where people use their hands, therefore the practicality of making a user interface that compliments the freedom of Photoshop becomes achievable. For example, we can see that in my mock up we can see the selection of weapons the user can hold.

This feature opens the door the a variety of potentially interesting game ideas that let he user experience environments they’re familiar with, but experience them in a more intimate way. Through this feature, more attention can be payed to creating the most realistic environment by utilising different atmospheric sounds and weathers to create an accurate picture that fans can identify with.

In addition, this opens the possibility for an interactive environment, where for example the dragon in my mock up is breathing fire in the direction of the user. This technique would give the experience more depth by bringing the environment 1 step closer to the user.

My mock up above attempts to replicate Game of Throne’s environment, whilst similarly incorporating photoshop like my Call of Duty Example


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