Design development 1

cod photoshopcodblops5

Above is a mock visualisation I made on Photoshop in order to illustrate the environment the user will be inside.

During the construction of this, I thought about what type of layout would be most applicable to represent an authentic call of duty interface.  In order to achieve this, I decided to replicate the main aspects of the original interface, which is the number of ammo left in the gun, the team the user is in/score, a 1st person view with the user holding the weapon in front of him.

As we can see above, the photoshop interface is relatively dull, therefore I only decided to only use the colour pallet element. As opposed to the 2 Dimensional canvas we see i Photoshop, to suit a 3 Dimensional world, I featured a 3D canvas that the user can either draw on, or they can draw on their environment using their weaponry. In real-life, the they will use a motion sensitive controller to control these weapons and tools around them.


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