Wireframe/ User experience


This diagram intends to describe the journey that my user will make through the game.

Baring in mind the format for this app is virtual reality, the entrance page will feature the title of the game and the credits of the producers whilst the menu screen loads. after the loading is completed, the menu screen will appear automatically.

On the menu page there will be a list of these options, for example: OPTIONS/SETTINGS, WEAPONS, ADD-ONS, DIFFERENT VERSION OF THE GAME and PLAY. The user will be able to click these options in the virtual world, using a motion sensitive single hand controller.

The weapons/add-on page gives the user a chance to customise the weaponry they use with in the game, as well as add on weapons they purchase. On this page you can also tweak the sensitivity settings.

The ‘Different version of the game’ page allows you to play another version of the game, e.g. Game of thrones, and have the same experience they would have had in the call of duty.

The play button will prompt the user to pick a map, after picking the map, they enter the Call of Duty world. In this world they can change colour pallet by tapping the colour chart with their weapon. They will be presented with a blank canvas and weapons to pick from. After this, they can proceed to vandalising the environment or using their tools to make a picture.

When the user is satisfied with their outcome, they then have the option to either exit the app or share the world they painted. This feature in the app allows people with the same game to visit/observe the world you made you made or it can be shared on social networking sites using 360 video so anyone can get a sense of being in the world.

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