Target Market/Venn diagram

Rik venn diagramBecause Im merging together the world of Photoshop and Call of Duty, there is reason to assume that my game will appeal to Photoshop fans, Call of duty fans and ands of both. Call of Duty players are usually men between the ages of 18-55. this is because 18 is the age restriction of shoot em up games and 55 year old can be seen as a margin where adults aren’t interested in video games anymore. Photoshop’s target market tends to be early teenagers/students/professionals with a set of skills that may work in the creative industry. Photoshop lies within the creative industry and call of duty lies within the gaming industry, therefore my idea aims to cater for both worlds

HOWEVER, the intention isn’t to particularly merge these two fan bases together, even though its helpful. The intention for this experience is to make the potential for marketing as broad as possible by not excluding anyone. The game is more catered around the FORM over FUNCTION. The users of this game will only require a vague understanding of PS and COD in order to play. This can also be seen as my unique selling point because its essentially a different and new way to experience Art.

The target market for my VR experience/game will be males and females aged between 14 and 55. This is because of the nature of the medium. I think at the young age of 14 users would be at an age where their exploring their individuality as a person and a creative, therefore, this experience could cause a creative spark in they to encourage the development of that skill. The game is heavily based on trying to be creative in obscure juxtapose perspective therefore youthful adults below the age of 55 can find this as a challenge to create beautiful art using the set tool of call of duty.

The game as a whole is supposed to be a tool that promotes the concept of photoshop and Call of duty simultaneously, without being too technical.

I made the Venn diagram above to illustrate my predictable market as well as potential markets.





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