Sign postage



The game maze idea required a variety of no boundary and no entry signs in order to guide the users on to the right path. With the aid of photoshop I made and modified traditional sign postage styles to try and an emulate the idea of branding with in the application, so that, from a marketing stand point, the user familiarises with the logo. When it came to mimicking a theme for some of the designs, I used wooden textures to stick with the context of the woodland theme. I also made one of the signs link back to the main character Jack.

In addition, i was very limited in terms of design because I realised that the functionality of most roadsigns/boundaries is to communicate the message ‘no trespassing’ as efficiently as possible, whilst using hazard related colours like orange, danger invoking colours like red and having fonts that are easy to read. Further more, I had to use the most basic shapes so that the main focus is the message.



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