Project Proposal

My idea is that Photoshop and Call of duty’s creative departments are collaborating on a promotional project to raise brand awareness globally in a fun and interactive way. Im basing my idea on Virtual reality and more specifically the play station Virtual Reality headset. This is because I believe Virtual reality is where the future of gaming and entertainment will be. Photoshop is a desktop photo editing application, currently available on Macs, Windows and app. Primarily, students and people in the creative industry use photoshop as tool because the complex functions that its capable of performing, makes it an amazing platform to create beautiful art. Call of Duty is the most popular shoot em up game, available on games consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, X box 360, Playstation 3 etc. The nature of call of duty is centred around the theme of war and guns, for example World War 1.

The aim of my project is to seemingly merge the concepts together in order to make a new experience altogether. To achieve this Im going to make a game where the user experiences Virtual Reality in a familiar Call of Duty environment, however the difference is that the objective of the game is to make art, similarly to they way you use Photoshop. The user will have the chance to utilise popular weapons from the game as well as traditional mark makers. The intention for this application is to bring a broader and wider audience to both companies. Art is subjective and generally, the more interpretations that can be made from a piece of art, the “better” it is, therefore i think this is a good opportunity for people to explore their creative skill, through an immersive environment


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