Playable City – Project Proposal


This project is based on our lessons with our Tutor Becca, and it is focused on the idea of a game or playable-event, through the use of mobile media. The project also specifies that the app should connect other participants together.

My Idea:

I aim to construct my project around world famous video game called ‘Call of Duty’, available on most game platforms, ranging from Playstation, Xbox and PC Consoles. This is a 1st person ‘shoot em up’ game which has a long history of contextualising warfare in terms of history present and future. For example, there is an edition of the game called ‘World at war’ and this is an interpretation of World War 2. I aim to take advantage of Call of Duty’s most popular game mode called ‘Team Death match’. Its the most basic concept where online users are allocated into 2 teams, therefore, which the team with the most points ‘kills’ wins the game.

In terms of my game application, I wanted to stick with this idea of 2 teams, where users can participate and play a more mobile version of the game.

When in my tutorials, I established that the most applicable and simplified game we can compare this to is ‘Tag’-the children’s game where the child is ‘IT’ and their objective is to chase and tap one of the other participants, which effectively means they are now tagged etc…

I was thinking in my game I could mimic the functionalities of both Call of Duty and Tag to make an app where the users tag each other using, for example, bluetooth tools on their phone to tag someone in the opposing team

This project gives the users an opportunity to use their imagination to re-define what my chosen location could mean to then.




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