Peer Contribution


After pitching my idea to my class mates, I was able to get some very useful feedback on how to make my project more successful.

My peers gave me a range of different comments to work with.

On the top righthand side we can see that i was being given useful pointers for improvement that I wasn’t particularly aware of, for example, ‘It may be hard to implement, It may not be Legal, It would be a cheap alternative to playing the actual game and people would want to get involved’.

Other peers gave my questions I should ask myself when approaching the project, for example, ‘Do you have to sign up before you enter the place’, ‘ Why would people want to play this game?- What motivates them?’

Also I got feedback from peer listing the advantages:’ Nice and competitive, good use of teams, enjoyable active activity’ and they listed Additional feedback: ‘Make prizes for the winning team, maybe a ranking system so that they keep using the app’

This feedback was necessary because it enables me to take forward positive points and implement them to make a better game



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