I chose to base the project in a very common place in Bristol City Centre called Queen’s Square.  There are Large trees surrounding Queen’s square and behind those trees are very formal business’ such as Barclays bank, Private Dentists, Accounting Firms, Architecture Firms, Recruitment Agencies etc. I chose this location because after going there to observe people’s behaviour, I discovered that the 8 different path ways are used very frequently by commuters.

The commuters range from Professionals going to their offices, Regular people going to their jobs, School/Uni students going to and from institutions, Sightseers discovering Bristol and Bristol citizens enjoying their city. Some people enjoy taking advantage of the green grass segments the same way people enjoy parks (playing football, relaxing on the grass, eating lunch etc), this is also dependant on the weather.

In my opinion, the environment in Queen’s square is relaxed, compared to a place like London, however, it still maintains a steady and busy flow of people through out the day. This is an advantage because a high and steady volume of people in public open space is ideal for an application such as my own to be more practical simply because: the more people in the area increases the chance of more interactions and also the open flat space gives the users more freedom to navigate


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