After my Tutorials with Becca, I realised there are 4 main aspectsI have to take into account when constructing my project.

  1. My location – Queen’s Square – Doing further research on my location, I can find out what are the practical constraints, possibilities, benefits and disadvantages.
  2. Call of Duty – I must maintain the brand identity of the game in order to provide amore authentic experience of the user. To do this i must follow the conventions that Call of Duty use to make their games successful, so the app looks like a simplified extension to the game, in order for people to identify with it easier.
  3. TAG – I must incorporate the element of the users ‘tagging’ each other. HOWEVER, my game wont work exactly like tag because the format of tag is essentially a ‘free for all’ type of game, where as, I want my application to have teams and between those teams points are accumulated.
  4.  Historical Context – Bristol is famous for its involvement in the 1st and 2nd World War and also ‘The birth of America’ (Where the British set sail to conquer America). These topics have a large relevance with Call of Duty, therefore contextualising my app around the local history makes the idea of my game more applicable, relatable and meaningful

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