An article written by the telegraph shows an example of how trump’s presidency can be quantified through data and in addition, The key categories addressed here are healthcare,immigration, employment, tax, climate change and foreign policy.

On my application, the user will be able to recieve a simplified version of this information and make their own mind up whether trump is doing a great job


Final Outcomes

cod bristol


The picture above is the 1st screen the user will face when opening the app. This title/login screen has features that are widely recognised by most people who use digital media due to the traditional username password feature and sign up feature.

This picture is composed of several elements that aim to portray Call of Duty as authentically as possible, whilst incorporating Bristol City. The background is a photograph of Bristol during the second world war. I feel as though the rubble in the background shows the nature of warfare and the old style housing gives a ket context of time (during the war). To the left there is a sniper soldier in a shrubbery disguise and to the right of the screen is a regular soldier holding a machine gun. They are both animations taken from Call of Duty and I added a 3D effect on them because I noticed that in real game the designers tend to add effects of technology distortion/noise therefore I saw it fitting to use a similar technique in order for the user to identify with the app in a similar fashion. In addition the old style planes in the sky, also in 3D are there to further paint a picture of historical warfare.


Above is the menu page for my prototype menu. the menu follows options which are typical to Call of Duty’s existing menu norms, however, I tried to make the options more applicable to the game Im trying to make. Unlike the console version of Call of Duty, where users can play a story mode, my only playable mode is multiplayer, due to the nature of ‘playable city’.

The World ranking function enables users across all nations to be able to compare and track their progress (assuming this app will have different versions across the world)

The Share your experience tab caters to the social networking aspect of the app. Users will we able to share their scores and ranks across mainstream social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in order promote the app further and encourage more to join the community

The setting feature is a feature common in almost every mobile and console game/application because its essential for users to be able to calibrate video/sound options for those who may interpret light and sound differently.

The reward tab is there to offer the users of the application an incentive for their achievements throughout the game. This encourages them to play the game more, in hope to unlock medals, achievements and special emblems

The weaponry tab is vital for this game because Call of Duty has an extensive range of guns to choose from. The selection of guns gives the game a more dynamic and realistic edge because different guns have different advantages and dis advantages (e.g. a sniper can kill from long distances but the rate of fire is 1 shot at a time, as opposed to machine guns that fire rapidly but are more suited for medium range)

Contextually, the background image is one of a Bristolian soldier during the second world war.




The photo above is   how the multiplayer gameplay feature would look like. The box at the top is the section where the user utilises the use of their camera as the medium for interaction. This is achieved by using Call of Duty’s typical 1st person shooter view that lets the user see where they’re aiming their weapon. In addition, to the top left there is an indication of the scores of the team/user. There is also, on the top centre of the screen, a place where points you’ve acquired appear (100 points per kill) and to the bottom left are added special perks that the user selects as part of their weaponry in order to enhance their chances of winning (for example ‘slight of hand’ is a perk that lets you reload your gun faster)

Compared to the console version where the user uses their controller pad to move their player and shoot, my app puts these these functions in a more concise way by having just 3 buttons SHOOT, AIM and CAPTURE. The aim and shoot buttons are self explanatory, However, the capture function refers to an alternative game mode where the user has to capture a ‘flag’ without getting ‘killed’. Also, the entire game is in black and white in order to communicate and mimic the WW2 era.The bottom square shows a radar map of Queen’s square. This addition to the interface helps the user navigate area to find the ‘enemy’

Micro-Mapping Project Proposal

This project requires that I re-interpret a map or guide for an area in Bristol, aimed at a specific group of people. We are encouraged to make the participants to connect with the stories from the area in a way which makes them view the location in a new and surprising way.

My idea is based around the idea of creating a map which shows people with substantial amounts of money, places to shop. Although this may seem surface-level to begin with, in my opinion, there would be an enormous contrast in feeling when a regular person with a regular income (or low income) go to shopping. Personally, I would imagine having a lot of money to my disposal would give me a sense of ‘Im on top of the world’. Having said this, I believe there are people out there who don’t know what to spend their money on and what this app map may do is assist them. In addition, Im strongly against when people spend their entire live acquiring Millions and Billions of pounds, only to let it sit in their accounts until they get OLD and die, in my eyes it makes the whole point of getting money pointless, therefore I’m giving their money a chance for purpose.

The app could also have a section where the user can donate to a variety of different charities, so that the whole experience isn’t ‘superficial’

ALTERNATIVELY, my app could completely contrast what i said above in order to trick wealthy people into seeing the real truth about the consumer society, for example the ethical issues surrounding production and how ‘pig parts make the world turn’



This is a simplistic diagram I made to illustrate the way my game will work

Stage 1 – Entering the application and receiving the menu THEN the instructions

Stage 2 – Users are organised into teams

Stage 3 – a map or 3D perspective radar showing them other participants playing so they know who to target

Stage 4 – Either the user tags or is Tagged//Alternatively another game mode could involve the user to capture a flag without getting killed- IN A SET TIME FRAME**

Stage 5 – A winner/loser is determined. The winners collect their in-app reward (levelling up/receiving better weapons etc)

Peer Contribution


After pitching my idea to my class mates, I was able to get some very useful feedback on how to make my project more successful.

My peers gave me a range of different comments to work with.

On the top righthand side we can see that i was being given useful pointers for improvement that I wasn’t particularly aware of, for example, ‘It may be hard to implement, It may not be Legal, It would be a cheap alternative to playing the actual game and people would want to get involved’.

Other peers gave my questions I should ask myself when approaching the project, for example, ‘Do you have to sign up before you enter the place’, ‘ Why would people want to play this game?- What motivates them?’

Also I got feedback from peer listing the advantages:’ Nice and competitive, good use of teams, enjoyable active activity’ and they listed Additional feedback: ‘Make prizes for the winning team, maybe a ranking system so that they keep using the app’

This feedback was necessary because it enables me to take forward positive points and implement them to make a better game




After my Tutorials with Becca, I realised there are 4 main aspectsI have to take into account when constructing my project.

  1. My location – Queen’s Square – Doing further research on my location, I can find out what are the practical constraints, possibilities, benefits and disadvantages.
  2. Call of Duty – I must maintain the brand identity of the game in order to provide amore authentic experience of the user. To do this i must follow the conventions that Call of Duty use to make their games successful, so the app looks like a simplified extension to the game, in order for people to identify with it easier.
  3. TAG – I must incorporate the element of the users ‘tagging’ each other. HOWEVER, my game wont work exactly like tag because the format of tag is essentially a ‘free for all’ type of game, where as, I want my application to have teams and between those teams points are accumulated.
  4.  Historical Context – Bristol is famous for its involvement in the 1st and 2nd World War and also ‘The birth of America’ (Where the British set sail to conquer America). These topics have a large relevance with Call of Duty, therefore contextualising my app around the local history makes the idea of my game more applicable, relatable and meaningful



I chose to base the project in a very common place in Bristol City Centre called Queen’s Square.  There are Large trees surrounding Queen’s square and behind those trees are very formal business’ such as Barclays bank, Private Dentists, Accounting Firms, Architecture Firms, Recruitment Agencies etc. I chose this location because after going there to observe people’s behaviour, I discovered that the 8 different path ways are used very frequently by commuters.

The commuters range from Professionals going to their offices, Regular people going to their jobs, School/Uni students going to and from institutions, Sightseers discovering Bristol and Bristol citizens enjoying their city. Some people enjoy taking advantage of the green grass segments the same way people enjoy parks (playing football, relaxing on the grass, eating lunch etc), this is also dependant on the weather.

In my opinion, the environment in Queen’s square is relaxed, compared to a place like London, however, it still maintains a steady and busy flow of people through out the day. This is an advantage because a high and steady volume of people in public open space is ideal for an application such as my own to be more practical simply because: the more people in the area increases the chance of more interactions and also the open flat space gives the users more freedom to navigate

Playable City – Project Proposal


This project is based on our lessons with our Tutor Becca, and it is focused on the idea of a game or playable-event, through the use of mobile media. The project also specifies that the app should connect other participants together.

My Idea:

I aim to construct my project around world famous video game called ‘Call of Duty’, available on most game platforms, ranging from Playstation, Xbox and PC Consoles. This is a 1st person ‘shoot em up’ game which has a long history of contextualising warfare in terms of history present and future. For example, there is an edition of the game called ‘World at war’ and this is an interpretation of World War 2. I aim to take advantage of Call of Duty’s most popular game mode called ‘Team Death match’. Its the most basic concept where online users are allocated into 2 teams, therefore, which the team with the most points ‘kills’ wins the game.

In terms of my game application, I wanted to stick with this idea of 2 teams, where users can participate and play a more mobile version of the game.

When in my tutorials, I established that the most applicable and simplified game we can compare this to is ‘Tag’-the children’s game where the child is ‘IT’ and their objective is to chase and tap one of the other participants, which effectively means they are now tagged etc…

I was thinking in my game I could mimic the functionalities of both Call of Duty and Tag to make an app where the users tag each other using, for example, bluetooth tools on their phone to tag someone in the opposing team

This project gives the users an opportunity to use their imagination to re-define what my chosen location could mean to then.