After having a conversation with my tutor, we agreed that the media of the actual object would be better if it related to the the concept of the project therefore I bought a Genesis Vinyl from a record store near my house.  I decided to make a perspective illusion of a gallery within the the vinyl artwork in order to illustrate the transition between Vinyl records and streaming services.

I also established way of showing these forms of media in a consistent way. I decided to draw the music player for each medium, then within that picture I stuck a printed form of the artwork, for each mini picture.

In this process I used cardboard, tracing paper, Printed paper and foamboard. I used tracing paper and card board as a frame and drawing space for the mini art, I drew the media using fineline pen and lastly, I used foamboard underneath to make each mini art stick out slightly.

IMAG0126 IMAG0127