Final Proposal

Group: Thomas, Robert and Rufaro.


The basis of our project is to create an audio narrative, based on paranormal and unexplainable events, which have taken place in Bristol throughout the years.

The content of the app will vary depending on the location/event. It will range from ghostly stories, to real life mysteries to submerge the user in the hidden world, a mix between fiction and reality.

The app can be used in different ways, for example: There will be a set route that the user can embark on; this will maximize the experience of the user. However, the individual locations will be pin pointed on the map which will allow the user to pick and choose which location they wish to visit at any chosen time. The set route will include sound effects and ambient sounds in order to hook the audience. Not every location on the route is necessarily linked together, but we will make it interesting and exciting.

In terms of technicalities, we will be using App Furnace in order to create our app. The reason for selecting this App making platform over others is because our app requires the use of Geo-locating technologies. Without this Geo-locating feature, our app would not be able to function correctly/the way we in-vision it. The Geo-locating feature will work when the user walks into a certain marked area within the app. When the user does this, certain audio clips and information will arise from the app relevant to the area they’re in. Within the app, we will include a map and directions for the user to follow but we will also include markers so they can easily pick and choose which area to go to. I think this will open the opportunity later down the line to update the ghost walk and add in new Paranormal happenings as this will keep the app current and exciting.

We would like to explore the concept of what paranormal/Ghosts mean. We think that the conventional ghost walks aren’t as interesting as they could so we will like to change the way the user uses the app. It will include a whole spectrum of Paranormal events and mysterious from Satanic Rituals to weird noises and sightings happening throughout Bristol.

We are aware that this project is going to require a significant amount of research into the locations and events, but also we must carry out a relative amount of market research, in order to tailor the app to maximize the users experience. We will be undertaking vigorous tests and feedback sessions to make sure our app works effectively and the content is relevant.

As the app is still in the planning stage, we know that as time develops so will our ideas. We know that this is merely our proposal, and we will make sure not to be closed minded and open to changes throughout the development of the app.


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