My project aims to entail a theory that sometimes echoes in my head when I listen to music. As this is a personal opinion, as most art, the project is purely Subjective. This theory is based on my observations of how the “Blues” genre has transformed/transcended into modern-day Hip-Hop culture. My reason for believing this is because, the birth of the Blues genre began when black slaves were singing in order to endure the “pain”. After slavery, the genre was established commercially , with widespread critical acclaim. Moreover, the black american population in america (more specifically, hip-hop artists) is mostly composed of people who had ancestors that were very likely to be slaves. This period of slavery can be compared to the current racial climate of systemic racism in USA today. I believe its necessary to project this issue in the least obvious way as possible because messages as important as this should be more though provoking as opposed to “Preaching the truth”. Many people in the past have tried to take a direct and civil approach to addressing this topic however, many have also failed because its difficult for a worldwide audience to empathise on a mutual level.

On BBC iPlayer, there is a series of Brain Documentaries which highlight the way in which humans are influenced genetically and environmentally at AN ALARMING SCALE. Therefore, my thought process lead me to believe the skills which were developed through the slavery struggle, were transferred (through genetics) into the current state of black culture today.

The aim of this project is NOT to highlight the racism/hatred/inequality that has and still happens today. Alternately, my aim is to show the correlation between the old and the new, whilst indirectly addressing an important issue.

The form of this project will come in 2 forms. The first form will be a graphic presentation that shows the musical transition in an abstract for, using photographic/history/people (research) to draw inspiration from.

The second form of media will be a DJ mix (using traditional and cultural techniques). This will portray an audio imagery of cultural heritage as well as cultural development. This will be complete using the DJay app on iPad together using my music library.


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