Idea in greater detail

The basis of my idea revolves around the idea of a locative experience T.V. shows that have been filmed in bristol. Potentially, This project will provide a guide/mapping system that would navigate the user, seemingly, around the entire city, in search of these landmarks/”small moments of fame”.

This idea would be aimed at tourists who are trying to get a cultural understanding of bristol. This could also be aimed at school students learning media, for example, because the interface may provide analytical descriptions of the scenes. Lastly, the idea may also be aimed at Bristol residences that are media enthusiast. This promotes the, already existing, media diversity within Bristol because my proposed experience is similar, in some ways, to the ‘Shaun the Sheep’ art trail around Bristol. In addition, perviously, in London, there was an art project which was based around digital animals being visible in everyday locations, therefore, hypothetically, in my project, I could place symbols/images/figures that the user can interact with, making the experience more authentic.

To engage with the audience at a larger extent, the interface would perhaps have video clips/photographs/director’s cut features that would aid the user’s experience to be more knowledgable and memorable. These features would give the user visual link between the location they are in and T.V. shows.

In order to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint, the interface may also feature map navigation or a still map showing the user where they currently are and directions of where they need to go. In-between journeys, the interface could also play licensed music/playlist from purely from Bristol OR music from artists that have performed in Bristol in order to further emphasize the “vibe” of the City.

Better yet, the locations that the users travel though could trigger these forms of media, making it a more automatic process



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