History for Bristol Paranormal Scene

Information on current Bristol’s Haunted and Hidden Ghost walk:
reveals the darker side to Bristol’s history and is a very entertaining and informative way to spend an evening.
The route of the tour takes in some of Bristol darker and creepier historical locations along with film and TV locations. The tour delivers historical fact and TV and film trivia with a good dose of humour.
The tour won the 2014 Trip Advisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and was voted No.1 on GWR FM’S ‘Top 20 Things to do in Bristol’.
The tour has been featured on Living TV’s Most Haunted and the Source and has been entreating punters for the last 10 years.
There are a number of Haunted and Hidden Ghost walk documentaries on YouTube.
The Haunted and Hidden Ghost walk features include:
• Hear about Clifton’s ghostly Dwarf Highwayman
• See Bristol’s famous Haunted Cinema
• Visit a 16th Century Haunted House
• Hear about a Church and it’s ghostly Monk
• See where a cook chased a Ghost
• Visit TV and Film locations and many fun and interesting sites!!!
Departs Bristol Cathedral, College Green – Every Friday night at 8pm
Price £4-5

Place 1clifton
All Saints Church, Clifton
In the 1840s, local Bristol newspapers reported a haunting at a house joined to the All Saints Church in Clifton.
The ghost was said to be that of a an old man, and the family living in the house, the Jones’s, were terrified by his presence, so much so that Mrs Jones reportedly felt the urge to jump out of a window.
The couple reported seeing a light flickering on one of the walls in the house, and Mr. Jones was said to be so scared that he was reduced to a trembling ball on the floor.
The church and grounds are also believed to be haunted by a monk in black who is said to have returned to watch over treasure he had hidden in the grounds.

• Place 2

bristol hotelArnos Manor Hotel
Arnos Manor Hotel was originally a large private home, complete with its own chapel run by nuns from a local school.
Legend has it that one of the nuns fell pregnant and took her own life, and the other nuns bricked her up in a wall to try to keep the scandal under wraps.
The hotel was damaged by a bomb during the Second World War, and when repair works got underway the nun’s skeleton was reportedly discovered and moved by workmen.
There have multiple reports of a figure in brown at the hotel, and some people are said to have heard a soft female voice calling them by name. Most of the activity has been reported in room 160.
• Place 3arnos-vale_1743956c

Arnos Vale Cemetery
Two female figures supposedly haunt the cemetery, and many people who visit have reported feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness.
A black female figure is said to have been spotted crying over the death of her husband who was killed in WW1.
Another female figure has been reported at the cemetery, crying and panicked after supposedly being buried alive there.

• Place 42538240_9b3772e5
Stoke Park
The Dower House, situated in Stoke Park, is one of Bristol’s most recognisable buildings as it overlooks the M32 on the way in to the city.
Both the house and grounds of Stoke Park are believed to be haunted by one its former residents. Seventeen-year-old Elizabeth Somerset fell from her horse in 1760 and broke her neck. Her ghost is said to still ride around the park.
Walkers in the park often report hearing the sound of horses’ hooves in the woodland, but no horses have had access to the land for decades.

• Place 5_80031274_80031273

Oldbury Court Estate/Vassals Park
There used to be a building on the land at Vassals Park, and legend has it a Catholic Monk used it as a place to hold mass at a time when it was illegal to do so.
When visitors came to the building, the monk was hidden away in a “priest hole” in the house, so as not to be discovered.
But it is rumoured that he was once left in the priest hole, where he starved to death.
There have been multiple reported sightings of a monk walking through solid objects and there have also been sightings of a hooded figure floating on a footbridge in the park.
• Place 6Cliftonsuspensionbridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge
The spirit of the famous bridge’s designer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel is said to haunt the sight surrounding Clifton Suspension Bridge. Walkers have reported seeing the spirit of a man admiring the bridge, which was completed after Brunel’s death.
Motorists driving across the bridge have also reportedly seeing dark figures and shadows near the bridge’s edges, said to be the spirit of people who have taken their own lives there.
• Place 7

Bristol_MMB_43_SS_Great_BritainThe SS Great Britain
The SS Great Britain has a long history and throughout its illustrious voyages on the waves it has witnessed some tragic events. Many ghosts have made their home aboard this ship. Captain John Gray is said to be the most famous and his hobnail boots are heard scratching on the ship’s deck. It is rumoured that Captain Gray committed suicide by jumping out of his cabin window.
Days before the ship was re-launched in 2005 several workers on the Promenade Deck saw the ghostly figure of a woman and when she was approached she merely vanished. The voices and crying of children have been heard echoing through the ship and people have seen the ghostly visions of a young sailor, who apparently fell from the rigging to his death, and Mr and Mrs Cohen, a couple who died during their voyage to Alaska.

Design development


This is a drawn out mock-up image of what our application could look like. Notably, the theme of the app follows some conventions of ghost fonts as well as unidentified human figures. This was done so that people can quickly identify with the tone of the app, and in addition it makes them aware of the negative, scary and haunting connotations that come with this theme.

goosebumps-dead-house-w352 In addition, the orientation of the mobile app is focused on having a map navigation, to show the users where exactly they are and where they need to go. There is a play button at the bottom of the app so that they can conveniently start the trail by clicking with their thumb












This is a rough sketch I drew to portray a general theme and basic organisation for title page and mapping page.

Final Proposal

Group: Thomas, Robert and Rufaro.


The basis of our project is to create an audio narrative, based on paranormal and unexplainable events, which have taken place in Bristol throughout the years.

The content of the app will vary depending on the location/event. It will range from ghostly stories, to real life mysteries to submerge the user in the hidden world, a mix between fiction and reality.

The app can be used in different ways, for example: There will be a set route that the user can embark on; this will maximize the experience of the user. However, the individual locations will be pin pointed on the map which will allow the user to pick and choose which location they wish to visit at any chosen time. The set route will include sound effects and ambient sounds in order to hook the audience. Not every location on the route is necessarily linked together, but we will make it interesting and exciting.

In terms of technicalities, we will be using App Furnace in order to create our app. The reason for selecting this App making platform over others is because our app requires the use of Geo-locating technologies. Without this Geo-locating feature, our app would not be able to function correctly/the way we in-vision it. The Geo-locating feature will work when the user walks into a certain marked area within the app. When the user does this, certain audio clips and information will arise from the app relevant to the area they’re in. Within the app, we will include a map and directions for the user to follow but we will also include markers so they can easily pick and choose which area to go to. I think this will open the opportunity later down the line to update the ghost walk and add in new Paranormal happenings as this will keep the app current and exciting.

We would like to explore the concept of what paranormal/Ghosts mean. We think that the conventional ghost walks aren’t as interesting as they could so we will like to change the way the user uses the app. It will include a whole spectrum of Paranormal events and mysterious from Satanic Rituals to weird noises and sightings happening throughout Bristol.

We are aware that this project is going to require a significant amount of research into the locations and events, but also we must carry out a relative amount of market research, in order to tailor the app to maximize the users experience. We will be undertaking vigorous tests and feedback sessions to make sure our app works effectively and the content is relevant.

As the app is still in the planning stage, we know that as time develops so will our ideas. We know that this is merely our proposal, and we will make sure not to be closed minded and open to changes throughout the development of the app.


My project aims to entail a theory that sometimes echoes in my head when I listen to music. As this is a personal opinion, as most art, the project is purely Subjective. This theory is based on my observations of how the “Blues” genre has transformed/transcended into modern-day Hip-Hop culture. My reason for believing this is because, the birth of the Blues genre began when black slaves were singing in order to endure the “pain”. After slavery, the genre was established commercially , with widespread critical acclaim. Moreover, the black american population in america (more specifically, hip-hop artists) is mostly composed of people who had ancestors that were very likely to be slaves. This period of slavery can be compared to the current racial climate of systemic racism in USA today. I believe its necessary to project this issue in the least obvious way as possible because messages as important as this should be more though provoking as opposed to “Preaching the truth”. Many people in the past have tried to take a direct and civil approach to addressing this topic however, many have also failed because its difficult for a worldwide audience to empathise on a mutual level.

On BBC iPlayer, there is a series of Brain Documentaries which highlight the way in which humans are influenced genetically and environmentally at AN ALARMING SCALE. Therefore, my thought process lead me to believe the skills which were developed through the slavery struggle, were transferred (through genetics) into the current state of black culture today.

The aim of this project is NOT to highlight the racism/hatred/inequality that has and still happens today. Alternately, my aim is to show the correlation between the old and the new, whilst indirectly addressing an important issue.

The form of this project will come in 2 forms. The first form will be a graphic presentation that shows the musical transition in an abstract for, using photographic/history/people (research) to draw inspiration from.

The second form of media will be a DJ mix (using traditional and cultural techniques). This will portray an audio imagery of cultural heritage as well as cultural development. This will be complete using the DJay app on iPad together using my music library.

Idea in greater detail

The basis of my idea revolves around the idea of a locative experience T.V. shows that have been filmed in bristol. Potentially, This project will provide a guide/mapping system that would navigate the user, seemingly, around the entire city, in search of these landmarks/”small moments of fame”.

This idea would be aimed at tourists who are trying to get a cultural understanding of bristol. This could also be aimed at school students learning media, for example, because the interface may provide analytical descriptions of the scenes. Lastly, the idea may also be aimed at Bristol residences that are media enthusiast. This promotes the, already existing, media diversity within Bristol because my proposed experience is similar, in some ways, to the ‘Shaun the Sheep’ art trail around Bristol. In addition, perviously, in London, there was an art project which was based around digital animals being visible in everyday locations, therefore, hypothetically, in my project, I could place symbols/images/figures that the user can interact with, making the experience more authentic.

To engage with the audience at a larger extent, the interface would perhaps have video clips/photographs/director’s cut features that would aid the user’s experience to be more knowledgable and memorable. These features would give the user visual link between the location they are in and T.V. shows.

In order to navigate from checkpoint to checkpoint, the interface may also feature map navigation or a still map showing the user where they currently are and directions of where they need to go. In-between journeys, the interface could also play licensed music/playlist from purely from Bristol OR music from artists that have performed in Bristol in order to further emphasize the “vibe” of the City.

Better yet, the locations that the users travel though could trigger these forms of media, making it a more automatic process