Youtube & Youtube2mp3

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Youtube played a huge role in assisting me in looking for the appropriate sounds for my narrative, however, the website youtube2mp3  played an even bigger  role . The  website helped me to convert the youtube videos into mp3 files by pasting the url into the generator and clicking  the download button.


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Sequencing audio 2

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From the printscreen above we can  see that there are volume bars along each track, which is necessary  if you want to get a realistic and and appropriate volume levels.

The scissors tool made it easy to cut each individual track according to its appropriate length and the fade tool gives the effect of  audio going into a distance as well as the audio coming closer and closer.

The mute tool stops a track from being heard in the sequence and the space bar is used to play audio on the timeline.


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Logic  is a software I learnt  how to use in my spare tie. I Use logic to sequence instrumentals for a variety of music genre’s however, I used this software to complete this project because I find that the program has appropriate tools to make an mp3 file   fitting the specifications of my project.logic logo


Create a short dramatic audio journey embedded in a small website. Use the interactivity of the website as a way to explore some aspect of the possibilities of alternate endings, dead ends and different routes through the narrative. Either use found (downloaded) audio or a recorded interview with a person / people as your raw material. Avoid ‘acting and actors’. Your audio should be mixed and treated to create atmosphere and drama. Use music sparingly, if at all. You might choose to focus on an event that happened to someone you know, or some aspect of current affairs, or perhaps something that relates to your other modules. Make a map of the structure of your narrative as part of the planning, with sketches / assemblages of paper (include images of your map in your submission on your blog).