Development of Idea


The photograph above is the background on my webpage. The original picture from google is identical to the left side of the bird/flag, however, in order for my background to fit in with theme of race in america, i decided to use Photoshop to try to describe the contrast between the 2 opinions.

Firstly, I used the pen tool to cut around the right side of the birds face. After i used the Hue & saturation function to decrease the light levels and make it from white to grey. I duplicated the original yellow eye of the bird to make remain that colour. Using the same process i Did the same with the right side of the american flag.

With the help of html templates, I filled in 3 elements that needed to be in my website; the background, #whitelivesmatter and #blacklivesmatter. Twitter has a function where you can chose to embed the activity of someones profile or a hash tag. I then used sublime text to create a html and ccs to satisfy the needs of my website

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 14.23.58


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