Idea development/Research

The main basic of my idea was to create something that is emotion invoking, therefore I play  around the idea of an argument. After searching youtube of good quality audio of argument, I found an extended clip of an argument from the movie Bridesmaids.

I felt this clip  was suitable for use because the use of  swearing  has a big  impact for the listener. their  variation of tones also have  impact  on the listeners perception of the  characters  in the narrative.

From  my iTunes, I found a classical  music song called I love music by Ahmad Jamal. The song  goes through a series of  contrasting piano notes in an aggressive and soft way. I thought this was fitting because the  argument in bridesmaids flows in an identical way.

I then found some sound effects on youtube of ; car unlocking, door opening and closing, walking, crying, car interior, car  crash.

These sound effects  helped me to construct a series of sounds that describe in sound, a woman who gets fired and then gets into a car crash.

When the woman in my narrative is angry after her argument and getting fired, she  cries to her car  in the car park, plays  some music in her car and gets involved in a car crash.

I chose to include the  song  by Kanye west called  On Sight because I think  that the song expresses anger in an overt way as well as having a fast pace. The  song  has synthetic instruments that makes the listener  feel on edge.

After the car  crash, I placed the song Timeless by Illa J, over  the sound of the ambulance and police rushing to the accident site.


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