Ethical Issues





Because my impossible interface is based on the idea of having a chipping device inserting data into the human brain, there are some ethical issues to consider. In this rapidly changing world we live in today, the possibility of this technology being successful in the further future, is plausible to a degree. In my opinion, within technology today, there is a certain extent to which it the actual human form is tampered with (e.g. for medical application). The chipping device idea would breech a moral barrier by allowing access to the brain and quantifying the information. I personally don’t think corporations will be able to gain the trust of the population because I believe the human nature within people will stop them doing something so immoral, although, a large number of people would be on board.

In addition, giving humans the ability to download practically any information into their brain raises concerns about knowledge falling into the wrong hands. It would be difficult to determine whether the users will use the interface for good or bad.


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