Design development 1


Having chosen the Chipping devise idea for my project, this design development for my interface is based around the depiction of the human brain and how the different parts are responsible for performing particular jobs for us. Therefore, the main purpose of the actual performance of my website, would enable the downloading information into the human brain by sending signals through the nervous system.

Through this interface, the user will be able to manage their brain activity, with regard to their health.

Below is a drawn draft I’ve produced in order to give a general idea of what I want my interface to look like.

Main Features:

  • Diagram of brain- this feature further implements the theme of the project in terms of how impossible/”far fetched” the idea is. Furthermore, this diagram would be showing the user exactly what part of the brain is being downloaded into.
  • Profile – Similarly to Google, my interface will build up the user’s profile based of their entries into the search engine. This will also enable my interface to show results that are relevant, in order to improve the user experience.
  • Database- Another feature of this interface is the information database search bar. This function gives the user an opportunity to explore the different kinds of knowledge they can acquire. Within this function the user is able to see what their friend’s activity as well as the general activities around the world.
  • Brain data – surrounding the brain diagram will be segments of data in relation to the user’s health,  download progress, as well as memory/storage(GB) and wave activity. This gives the user the ability to manage/manipulate the activity in their brain, according to their preferences.
    • Menu – The menu bar serves as a basic navigational tool around the different pages on the interface , such as home page, explore, about, contact, terms and conditions. This menu would be
  • Open sourcing –





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